About Us

USA Hemp Plastics is powered by GaiaWise.                   Stewardship and prosperity…the two shall meet.

We are excited to offer a growing range of products and services to companies of all sizes that have an interest in domestic hemp plastic manufacturing.

Services include:

  • Design & Consulting
  • Injection molding
  • Scalable manufacturing support

Put your Pure Imagination Hemp Hat on and think about all of the items you could own that uses USA Hemp Plastic.

GaiaWise is another name for Mother Earth. For some, the earth is viewed as a vast, self-regulating organism. We know from various reports that the self-regulating theory is a bit outdated and our Earth is in need of healing and, well, some too-late tender loving care.

GaiaWise  educates people to take care of our planet better than we do now. Hemp is a plant that can remediate soil and brings bees and butterflies for pollination. It is capable of producing scrumptious seeds for munching; fluid oil for baking and cosmetics; tough fiber and hurd for clothing, buildings, and plastics; and bringing farms to prosperity. Stewardship and prosperity…the two shall meet.


Items currently available in hemp brown: 3” cups or flower pots, 6.5” x 14.75” Trays, and 3” diameter coasters. BPA Free, Diswasher safe, biodegradable, USA Made

Additional colors: Purple, Red, Orange, Beige, Green and Royal Blue

Colored Hemp Plastics: Minimum order 100

Flower Pot coasters Rolling Tray
Flower Pots: $1.75 Wholesale Colors: Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Green Trays: $9.00  Wholesale



Biodegradable, pba free and dishwasher safe.   Currently there are three inch (3”) coasters, three inch (3”) cups/flower pots, and trays produced in traditional brown hemp. Available hemp plastic colors include: red, orange, green, beige, purple, and royal blue. Logo stamping and custom mold projects / products are available.

Hemp has many uses. Plastics clutter up the landfills and our homes. Hemp plastic is biodegradable, BPA-free and since it is thermo-formed, can withstand high temperatures in the dishwasher.